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; Welcome to Razzle Dazzle Gifts where I offer a wide range of customizabe products from Coffee Mugs with funny phrases to Gallery Wrapped Floral Canvases. From Abstract to Pretty Patterns, Fractals and Floral Designs. Most Products are customizable, so have fun! If you Love Fun and Colorful Fractal Designs,Please visit my Fractal Store.JustFractals If you see a design that you like, but it's not on a certain product that you want, Please send me a message on the left hand side of this page...Please Note: All jewel and Ribbon accents are Images and are Not real!!

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By NurseMart, 9/20/2012 about
Thank you for your kind comment. You have a very cool store and designs. Wishing you lots of sales.
By visualization, 9/18/2012 about
You have a great store and beautiful card designs.
"So Nice!!"
By Lisa Mcguire, 9/13/2012 about
Thank you so much, I checked out your store to, and its Lovely!
By ym chin, 9/13/2012 about
Congrats on your proseller status! Love your store!
By Lisa Mcguire, 9/13/2012 about
Thank you so much for the kind words and the like, much appreciated!
By Zap Time, 9/13/2012 about
Congrats on your beautiful successful store, Razzle Dazzle! :)
"From: Juanitas Boutique"
By Destiny, 8/31/2012 about
★★★★★Very niCe store
By RulanCapperStarr, 7/30/2012 about
Hi. You have a wonderful store and great designs.
By Liz Molnar, 6/11/2012 about
Dear Liza, Thank you so much for all the kind comments, likes and the promotion! It's really honorific for me! Hugs, Liz
By RazzleDazzleGifts, 6/11/2012 about
Thank you so much!!!!
By Marta Harvey, 5/16/2012 about
Thank you so much for the congratulations on my TBA; I appreciate it.
By bonnie jones, 3/29/2012 about
Great designs,keep up the nice work. Cant wait to see your new stuff so i can shop shop shop...
By RazzleDazzleGifts, 3/22/2012 about
Thank you..Come Back Soon!!
By stef, 3/22/2012 about
There is a lot of pretty designs to choose from. Very nice!
"Lisa M."
By RazzleDazzleGifts, 3/10/2012 about
Thank you very much!!
By Roy M., 3/10/2012 about
Excellent work you do!
"Beautiful pillow"
By Castleinc, 3/9/2012 about
TBA congratulations.
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