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Glorious products based on Agitprop from ... Just remember famous Bolshevik saying : "A warm T-Shirt before The Revolooshin is better than a cold shovel afterwards ."

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By dave greenfield, 3/18/2013 about
HILARIOUS...and sadly true...! Wish some of your stuff was available on ZAZZLE stamps & post cards. GREAT WORK....keep it up...!
"A Most Glorious Site!"
By Wealth H8ter, 12/19/2011 about
Great stuff to express my bolshevik pride after our revolution of 2008! I would like to see some support ribbons for class warfare, class envy, and wealth redistribution. Thanks again, comrades BTW You're not making profits from your sales, are you?
"Great stuff"
By egeardesigns, 6/15/2010 about
Love the designs. Excellent work!
By SuperGrouper, 11/10/2009 about
This is now my favorite store at Zazzle.
By sv_libertarian, 9/28/2009 about
The only thing more brilliant, is the way the light reflects off of Dear Leader's teleprompter
"Great Work"
By kommie, 9/24/2009 about
Great Commie power along with my Kommie power
"Comrade obama is not (merely) a socialist:"
By Death_to_Socialism, 9/8/2009 about
Please consider offering this as an image on T-shirt *back* and tick the "vertical" option in the item editor (more printed real estate) If I were to make the edits Comrade nObama would receive more taxes.
"dissent you can believe in! Buy two or three changes"
By Death_to_Socialism, 9/8/2009 about
When nobama's jackbooted panthers come for you be sure you have a few changes of dissent-ware to keep you warm in his torture chambers
By politix, 6/15/2009 about
Love the site - way to go!
"Great site & designs! I'm a fan."
By powertothepeople, 6/15/2009 about
I found your gallery linked from Michelle Malkin's site. You've got some REALLY COOL designs, and congratulations on your promotional skills, as well! I know I'd love to have similar exposure such as that. Keep up the good work!
"Awesome gallery..."
By rightminded, 5/17/2009 about
Very well done, got yourself a new fan.
"A gallery matched only in greatness..."
By JWWright, 4/3/2009 about
By the Peoples Cube's own site. Welcome To Zazzle!
By mikek92349, 4/1/2009 about
Great Gallery!
"Thanks Comrade"
By knerjod, 3/31/2009 about
I added two different quotes on the backs of your fine shirt.
"Thatcher the Iron Lady"
By Red_Square, 3/27/2009 about
I just made a shirt template with Thatcher. Enjoy! You can select a shirt of any style or color.
"I'm a huge fan of the People's Cube -"
By cowboyannie, 3/4/2009 about
Glad to see you here at Zazzle.
"Excellent collection!"
By vintageteeshirt, 2/22/2009 about
Great Stuff! Love these shirts & items! The Evil Smiley is everywhere. :)
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