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Change the size of the image by clicking the +or- sign change the background colour by clicking Edit and then click Background to choose your own colour add your name or whatever words you want by clicking on Add Text and using Zazzle's large variety of text....................... If you see an image that you like...but you cant find it on the product you want...email me at darwinself@yahoo.com and tell me what you want and I will post the image on the product you request.

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Wonderful store - love your designs!
"Fantastic collection!"
By Mui-Ling Teh, 11/22/2012 about
Love your illustrations; the fairies especially!
By MarianaEwa, 12/22/2011 about
Wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Mariana
"Greetings and Thank You"
By DanceswithCats, 12/19/2011 about
Hey there! Thank you for stopping by and visiting my gallery and leaving me a message! xo I love your Gardenia and Holly Cat art work, it's wonderful! Definite favorite there. Of course as always, I'm a huge fan! Hugs Terri
By olmpal, 12/19/2011 about
Just stopped by to see what's new! Olympia
"ty for the wonderful comments"
By jdspenguins, 12/19/2011 about
no, i didn't paint any of the rocks. there is a local farm stand that sells these and some wonderful fruits and veggies.
By loreenfinn, 12/19/2011 about
Thanks for joining my fan club. I'm your fan too!
"Fun! Fun! Fun! Did I say Fun! ?"
By The Smilin' Quilter, 12/18/2011 about
I have long been an admirer of your work and your humor and your generosity. Lately, I enjoyed designing a few things for self, family & friends!! Nothing but fun!!
"Found you on redbubble"
By Sarah Trett, 7/6/2011 about
Hi I also found you on redbubble I'm doing both too. Love your black and white designs
By Wickedly Lovely, 5/28/2011 about
Hi, I love your work on Redbubble and what you have here is every bit as impressive!
"Thank you"
By MarianaEwa, 2/13/2011 about
for your lovely commetns on my Hitchhiking much appreciated.
"Your art work is inspired!"
By Lace9lives, 1/31/2011 about
"Thank you"
By MarianaEwa, 1/24/2011 about
for your lovely comments on my Rose #1 envelope much appreciated.
By pinkyjain, 1/21/2011 about
Thank you so very much Lorraine, :O)))))) i know, scribbling is so much fun, lol
"Many thanks for commenting on my new Salsa tee.."
By taiche, 1/8/2011 about
Many thanks for commenting on my new Salsa tee.. Many thanks for commenting on my new Salsa tee.. Many thanks for commenting on my new Salsa tee..
By galleriaofart, 12/27/2010 about
By Olluga, 12/25/2010 about
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011! ~Noelia~
"Hi Lorraine"
By MarianaEwa, 12/15/2010 about
Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous 2011.
"Thanks for joining my fan club"
By 369Mandala, 11/29/2010 about
Love your designs in sepia. Fabulous!
By Sphinx_N_Phoenix, 11/15/2010 about
Thank you for joining my fan club!
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