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Yes! its real and finally here. RidgwayWear. A secure and safe place online to purchase Official Stan Ridgway Merchandise. Order any size, or any color from any T Shirt design posted. All our T Shirts are top quality, and multicolor printing. Prints are done direct, rich, robust and deep to fabric or item. And the store also carries vintage posters, keychains, buttons and mousepads. RidgwayWear. Direct to you - absolutely anywhere in the world. Thanks for dropping by. www.stanridgway.com stan ridgway at myspace.com pietra wexstun & hecate's angels at myspace.com

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"Thanks Folks !"
By ridgwaymusic, 1/14/2013 about
.. wear with pride ! Start a parade ! Wash yer car with these ! Thanks a lot !
"stan is the man"
By tee, 8/19/2012 about
been a fan since voodoo and have all your solo stuff you are very talented
"phoenix vs. the stacy's smokehouse sampler"
By thurston p. bumpersock, 5/13/2012 about
dear mr stan ridgway, thanks for your prompt response to my previous missive. i caught your act at the rythym room last night and boy did you deliver. you have gained a disciple, (dont let it go to your head tho im not that great). im a little slo and withdrawn having as it were been socked over the head in nineteen and eighty seven. next time i will bring a friend, or cut out after the gig to Chute's for a little dog play. im a sucker for a strong hand. i got some of your merch on the gentle cycle inside the maytag. i just might have a crush on your sullen keyboardist by the way; sultry minx. to toggle my hearts desire. until then and as ever your pal, thurston.
"phoenix vs. the dry heaves"
By thurston p. bumpersock, 2/9/2012 about
mr. stanward, please return to the phoenix area to play. last time you passed through, fell into an awful tussle with an arrogant hip flask. woke up in a drafty hotel with a goddamn mousepad! please return. missed the show. as ever, your pal thurston
"this is the place"
By ridgwaymusic, 2/22/2011 about
Thanks folks! Until we get Bob the Happy Swag Man to git his own site to sell stuff - this is the place to buy the swag ! thanks again . http://www.stanridgway.com
By Imagine101058, 8/5/2010 about
Big fan. First tour you landed in Memphis Tn at Soloman Alfreds. Saw you guys playing pinball before the gig! Next time was your Mosquito tour in St. Louis! INCREDIBLE...now...what's it going to take to get you to New Orelans on this tour....else I'm having to travel to Mucky Duck in Houston....(not that I'm complaining) . Use to live in Houston, visited Mucky Duck on many occasions. But would love to see you in NOLA...Pleaaaaaaaaaaase! jsmccalla@hotmail.com
"Love You Stan"
By heathenritual, 7/31/2010 about
Always and forever a fan of one of the greatest American songwriters of all time. Great to hear of the new album despite some of the accompanying circumstances and glad to be part of Zazzle with you. Thanks for all the inspiration and light in the darkness.
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