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RoGoAkamatsu is the official store for Robot God Akamatsu merchandise. Robot God Akamatsu is the creation of James Biggie & Frankie B Washington and if you're a fan of Go Nagai's Super Robots, Marvel Comics 0 Shogun Warriors and the Transformers. Then we think you'll like our little contribution to the genre.

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"Big fire-breathing monster"
By Paul Reidl, 2/1/2012 about
I wish I could breath fire and eat little people too.
By seth, 7/17/2011 about
The ROBOT GOD AKAMATSU POSTERS ARE EXCELLENT. I ordered 2 of them and I want everyone to know how cool these posters are and you sould buy one of them. These posters are just the start of the next great giant robot comic book series. Help these comic book creaters get there comic book off to a great start by buying there posters.
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2 results