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Ron Cameron grew up skateboarding on the streets of Sacramento, CA in the 1970's and 1980's, which lead him into the art cultures of punk, thrift stores, and then psychedelic 60's poster art and graffiti. Starting with hand painting and bootleg silk-screening his own recycled boards in junior high school, Ron went on to do his first production art on a BLOCKHEAD SKATES company board in 1986 at the young age of 16. For over three decades he helped take companies out of the garage to larger international audiences with his artistic design and direction, namely Blockhead Skateboards in the 1980's, Acme Skateboards in the 1990's, and RVCA Clothing in the 2000's. Over the years Ron has also been known to give a helping creative hand to other skateboard companies: Transworld Skateboarding Magazine, H-Street, Vision, Channel One, World Industries, Big Brother Magazine, Heckler Magazine, Toy Machine, Foundation, and Krooked. Ron has designed clothing, textile prints, shoes, hats, and other accessories for companies such as: Skate Rags Clothing, Airwalk Shoes, Acme Built Clothing, Vans Shoes, Etnies Shoes, RVCA Clothing, Circa Shoes, and Nike Shoes. Ron has also been involved in the music world, helping bands and events such as: The Mummies, Big Drill Car, Warped Tour, X-Games, Plastikman, and Buck-O-Nine to name a few. While doing commercial art and direction for these skateboarding giants, Cameron also painted and skateboarded professionally since back in the day (Blockhead, Spitfire, Independent, Stussy), starting as a street skater and morphing into a mini ramp champ by the late 80's. Art is in his blood, and so blood will spill for the rest of his life.

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