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The dreaded hot summer months are just around the corner. Remember, drinks lots of water and stay in the shade. While you're avoiding the heat, why not show how cool you are by getting something off Mayhem Wear Inc? Questions? Want a design on a different product? Email me at Txmetalguitarist@inbox.com. Cheers, ~~~Rob~~~

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By taiche, 12/19/2011 about
Many thanks for introducing yourself and your wonderful gallery at Zazzle. WOW - you have a great sense of style, definitely a product of redqueenself! Obviously I am now a fan - it's easy to endorse such brilliant work!
By Sarah Trett, 11/7/2011 about
Thank you for liking my and my son's "I'm a Rockstar" art. Loving your work sadly I can't get to your facebook page to like the link as the link on zazzle page appears broken. Hope you can fix it soon, keep up the great work xxx
"Thanks so much for stopping by ..."
By The Hand Drawn Stores, 6/22/2011 about
& joining my Fan Club, don't know how I only just noticed it... seems my emails from zazzle have been going awry... really loving your designs. the pheonix is great!
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