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By Olluga, 12/25/2010 about
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011! ~Noelia~
"Enjoy your product designs!"
By MyBindery, 9/6/2010 about
Very nice!!!
By kiddokids, 8/18/2009 about
thanks for comment i like your work
"I love your illustrations!"
By InMyFavoriteColor, 8/10/2009 about
I'm a fan
By Grammar_Gumbo, 7/8/2009 about
Great designs! I'm a fan!
By toetoedesign, 4/19/2009 about
Great Work Ever !! [ toetoedesign ]
By D_C_Seibold, 3/2/2009 about
By insomniak, 1/25/2009 about
Great tees, love the audioboy!
"you have some fabulous designs..."
By lissame73, 9/20/2008 about
love your gallery
By bluerabbit, 9/15/2008 about
What a wonderful, fresh, and original gallery!
By inuit1963, 8/30/2008 about
wow your gallery is just amazing
"I love your green leaf car design."
By Rebecca_Reeder, 8/16/2008 about
It is wonderful t know that people all over the planet are concerned about taking care of it.
"Neat Gallery :)"
By gahome2mom, 8/16/2008 about
By JJ_Paul, 8/13/2008 about
Nice designs.
"Cute Designs"
By Swazzle, 8/12/2008 about
Welcome to Zazzle, congratulations on the Today's Best!
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