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This store is a display of my colorful art. It is constantly a work in progress so if you don't see something to your particular liking then come back often and check things out and by all means; if you want me to draw something especially for you then you may contact me at Sandy4899@aol.com or facebook friend me at Sandy Daley in LA. I will create your design request and put it on this site with no obligation to buy. I'm always looking for new things to draw. Thankyou, All art here is © hand drawn by Sandy Daley.

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"Great shop!"
By Peter Chasse, 2/5/2015 about
You have a lot of wonderful, interesting designs here. Best of luck!
"Reciprocating likes"
By SandyDaley, 1/10/2015 about
Please add a comment when you like my store so I can like yours back! Thankyou.
By Judy Palkimas, 1/8/2015 about
Wonderful store and products!
"Great Designs"
By Donna Siegrist, 1/5/2015 about
Such fun colors and designs...keep up the great work!!!
"your store"
By Donna Lee, 12/30/2014 about
love Battina and mermaid designs. Very nice store
"Owl design"
By Martinha, 9/5/2014 about
Hi Sandy, your owl design brought a smile to my face. I
By anka_n, 8/30/2014 about
Very nice designs, Sandy, congrats!
"PL Design"
By SandyDaley, 10/13/2013 about
Thankyou PL Design. You got me going back to the site again.
"Girls in Heels Needs Wheels"
By SandyDaley, 2/12/2013 about
Thankyou Lydia Auckland from New Zealand for your purchase.
By SandyDaley, 12/30/2012 about
Thankyou Paulo Capdeville for the like. How did you come across my store?
"Thankyou Mw. Voorburg, from the Netherlands"
By SandyDaley, 12/21/2012 about
For ordering Sparkle Owl!
"Thankyou Olga"
By SandyDaley, 11/23/2012 about
Thankyou Olga for your purchase of my Lifesaver Dolphins. You ordered a design that is being developed into cartoon characters so it's a keepsake and may be of more value later.
"Thanks to Kathie Webster"
By SandyDaley, 11/23/2012 about
Thankyou Kathie Webster for purchasing my Mistress Marshmallo Cat. You have a keepsake as she is being developed into a cartoon character that may be of great value later
By Belinha Fernandes, 10/21/2012 about
Hello Sandy! Here I am for a visit! Don't worry too much about Zazzle. You'll do fine. One thing you can expect for November and December is lots of difficulties about uploading products to the store. Last year was terrible. I waited 3 days for my products to show on the store. Anything you need, let me know. I'll gladely help if I can. Have a nice Sunday!
"Thanks Belle"
By SandyDaley, 10/11/2012 about
I couldn't find the front of your store to "like" it.. FB friend me and send me a direct link.
By Belle13, 10/11/2012 about
Hi Sandy! I found out about your store from POD. I'm a new member there. :) Lovely store you have here! Wish you a great week and many sales!
By Erika Kaisersot, 9/2/2012 about
Great illustrations! Good luch with them.
By SandyDaley, 7/17/2012 about
Thanks Joyce for your order. It brightened my day.
By SandyDaley, 6/15/2012 about
Thankyou. One can only hope.
"Thanks to the person from Europe who ordered..."
By SandyDaley, 5/4/2011 about
You just brought a person with a disability closer to getting the equipment he needs to make his life easier.
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