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The Story Behind My Storybook Images Illustrating children's books has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. As a young girl I had numerous adventures as I explored the forests and fields behind my parents house. Nature, animals, and strange imaginary things have shaped the wonderful worlds that have become the essence of my work.

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"fanrastic gallery!"
By eloise_spleen, 10/4/2009 about
Your designs absolutely own me =)
"Your designs rule!"
By jessamine_harmony, 8/12/2008 about
By nextstopitaly, 5/7/2008 about
Thanks for joining my FC.. Hope you are having a wonderful day! Karyn
By circusbaby, 5/6/2008 about
your stuff is even cuter. i love your style.
"I like your style"
By chicochihuahua, 5/5/2008 about
I really like your style and the colors I will join your fan club
By pinkyjain, 5/4/2008 about
Love your art & that your into Animal Rights. Awesome. Just joined your fan club, :O))))
"About Donations"
By SaraMonster, 4/9/2008 about
Just wanted everyone to know that I do donate a portion of the glorious, glorious money that I make from my store to various animal rights and environmental organizations, and animal shelters. So, though would I like to, I don’t keep it all for myself like a greedy little heathen :).
"I took some photos of my products! Enjoy."
By SaraMonster, 4/8/2008 about
By Michaella Dinard, 3/19/2008 about
I jsut love everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By ViolinCyndee, 3/17/2008 about
Adorable products!
"Hello Everyone!"
By SaraMonster, 3/7/2008 about
Welcome one and all to my new store. Consume to your heart's desire. New designs coming soon!
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