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HEY WHATS UP! Welcome to my store, buy my products, Proceeds will go to further peace and justice (NOT THE GROUP UFPJ, bunch of damn liberals, who just want to have damn anti bush t shirt fashion shows, while marching from empty building to empty build chanting the same tired old chants from the 60s)! I am making more probably as you read this or maybe I am designing them or thinking about them for you!!! I am doing this one because I like designing art and stuff two because it is free and three because people need cool shirts so these are for you!!!! The top banner is mostly pictures from DC protests I belive mainly the Inauguration the one with the american flag is NYC J20 and the one on the right end is near the fences at the DNC at the staples center 2000, the left end one may also be from the DNC 2000, I am not completly sure! Anyways I hope you enjoy my shirts as I will continue to design them and tell your friends about my store. KEEP UP THE STRUGGLE, POWER TO THE PEACEFUL, NO WAR BUT CLASS WAR! One more thing, I want to let people know that I really don't like the corporateness of zazzle, at the time I signed up for it I didn't know that monsters like COCA COLA and DISNEY were using it too, but the stuff I design is for a good cause to send a message that will help end the rule of the corporate monsters! (I guess also make comedic shirts) Just a little commentary about racism as it is growing on both the left and the right. It is wrong in any form no matter who says it I don't care if you are white black brown green purple or whatever we need to smash racism now. People like TimGould and others on Zazzle and anywhere cannot just be ignored, they will not go away, we have to get rid of them now, and forever, just as we need to get rid of people like the leaders in Iran who just had a holocaust deniers conference or the people in the MinuteKlan who are just racists in suits and ties with plenty of money. Racists want to change history and we cannot allow that to happen, nor can we allow them to create a future in which oppression will run rampant. I think it is also important to get rid of sexism and homophobia because a lot of racists believe in this stuff as well. Many of these anti Israel folks are really just anti Jewish and pro Arab countries and many of these Arab countries are sexist and homophobic, at the very least while Israel is a terrorist state (just as the other middle east countries are) they treat women and gays with a bit more respect. So brothers and sisters let us join together to smash racism and fascism in all forms and seek to destroy supremacy and oppression!

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By sosa, 12/20/2011 about
As an IWW I'm outraged this seller uses radical logos and symbols on shirts made from exploited labor
"Love this gallery !"
By Riviere, 12/19/2011 about
Bold and very cool ! Organize shirt my fav' ! Restons ensemble pour sauver l'environement ! Michélou.
"Products with a message!"
By Mark_Killingsworth, 12/19/2011 about
The messages on his shirts are great and those comments on other's designs are most entertaining!
By savetheenvironmentx, 12/19/2011 about
Thanks to all those who have been posi and are supportive. To those who are negative most of them either aren't contributors or are just losers who won't respond when I respond to them, they just hate that someone is actually speaking their own mind and not the mind of some corporate media drone! To those who hate what I have to say then well you are more than welcome to leave America, maybe the fascists in Iran might take you in but here in America we are supposed to have something called free speech!
"great store"
By Bada Bing, 4/19/2011 about
you got me inspired
By Hollywood_Threads, 6/28/2009 about
I really love your page ..... all of your products really could open alot of peoples minds. I must become a fan.
"Thanks to all those who made posi comments"
By savetheenvironmentx, 2/20/2009 about
I have a feeling a certain nationalist libertarian is going to add some nasty comments on my wall here so I thought I would thank all the posi people out there. If you want to know who this nationalist libertarian is it is someone calling themselves AnarchoCapitalist which as any real anarchist knows is a joke!
By smallaxe, 2/5/2009 about
I liked what you said in response to the person who made the "Ralph Nader Is A Traitor" shirt---Nader sure is a traitor to corporate politics and greedy politicans.....Nice Job!
"Great work"
By culturaldissection, 1/2/2009 about
Great, though provoking designs keep it up
"Your Stuff"
By R3volutionUndrgrnd, 7/1/2008 about
I Likey!
"grEAT SHIrTs!"
By hadleymonster, 9/28/2007 about
By yanmos, 7/3/2007 about
"i like this"
By goosemonkey, 6/26/2007 about
very nice
By savetheenvironmentx, 2/21/2007 about
doesn't have a store he is just a useless racist lurker. Just thought I might let folks know
"will you shut up already!!!!!"
By siobhanm65, 2/21/2007 about
I am SO sick of seeing your tirades on Pulse. Either contact the guy privately or get over it. No one wants to hear your crap. You think you're so freakin great and better than anyone. You are just as prejudiced in your own way as this guy you keep posting about. LET IT GO and move on. Contributors are suppossed to be here to create - not to spam the pulse board with hate messages to one another.
"American Apparel Shirts"
By savetheenvironmentx, 2/20/2007 about
The guy who owns American Apparel is very sexist but I guess buying AA shirts are better than sweatshop made shirts, at the least his stuff is made in america but still it is important to put the pressure on Zazzle to eliminate sweatshop made clothes from it line and maybe even do shirts made from hemp and organic materials
By PizzaBox, 12/1/2006 about
This gallery would be cool if these were funny or things that havn't been said before on the daily show.
"Very glad you exist!"
By Wookiepooky, 10/25/2006 about
We need Passion! You provide! Thanks!
"Anarchist or Anti Christ"
By savetheenvironmentx, 9/8/2006 about
I guess I might say both, mainly an anarchist but I am very very very skeptical of theism. Again thanks to all who have purchased, commented or contacted me in any way!
By Gay_Art, 9/8/2006 about
Is Save really an Anarchist or the Antichrist? LOL j/k
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