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Welcome to my store. I'm Seitu Hayden. Saytoons features my art and designs on t-shirts, sneakers, skateboards and other unique products. Check back for new designs I will be posting. Contact me through the store if you need help customizing something or want a design specially made for you. Thanks for visiting and welcome to the Saytooniverse! Browse other gifts from Zazzle. View more gifts at Zazzle. Browse other gifts from Zazzle. See other gifts available on Zazzle. Browse other gifts from Zazzle.

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"Thank you!"
By LadyDenise, 10/26/2013 about
Thank you for your kind comment! I love the fun attitude and talent of your designs! I also love your personal icon - great fun drawing!
By, 5/30/2013 about
Nice store!
By Destiny, 4/18/2013 about
Hello, nice artwork/gallery We wish you much success =^..^= Hugs Destiny
"Cool store"
By Rasna Sah, 3/30/2013 about
Wonderful designs.Best wishes for your sales.
"Thank you for stopping by my store"
By dawnfx, 3/7/2013 about
Might nice store you have here. Clean designs. Best of Luck to you:)
By Kakigori Studio, 1/6/2013 about
Thank you very much for your kind comment
"Thank You"
By myteeindustry, 12/29/2012 about
Thanks for the visit and for the compliment, I really appreciate it. Love your designs, too.Have a nice and joyful 2013 and keep up the good work!!!
By Artist Nada Meeks, 12/11/2012 about
Love the 'Boss Lady' stuffs. awesome art work.
By JARHUMOR, 11/16/2012 about
Cool stuff!
"Wonderful Gallery"
By Destiny, 11/15/2012 about
5 ★★★★★ Congratulations on your latest TBA! .•ⓢⓜⓘⓛⓔⓢ =) Best wishes for a happy holiday season.
By Stacey Lynn Payne, 10/28/2012 about
Awesome work! Thanks for your sweet comment on my store too! Looking forward to seeing your new work! - Stacey
By Shirley Taylor, 10/25/2012 about
Congrats on your TBA! Best wishes to you. Take care =)
"Hello, beautiful store !"
By Aymar j Mabika, 7/23/2012 about
Original & well put together,congrats !
By Ewan McAnuff, 7/15/2012 about
Seitu, thanks for your great response to my product, and being a member of my fan club...Love your work also, especially your illustrations.
By Marcia, 7/14/2012 about
I appreciate the nice comment on my store. You have a great selection here too and I love your use of color. Keep it up :)
"Thank You Fierce Grafics"
By FieryLocks, 7/11/2012 about
Thank you for your support of my store! I really like your designs as well. Best to you! FieryLocks
By ShirLee (Shuen Walter), 7/9/2012 about
Your designs are so eye-catching~! Great store!
"Many Thanks for Your kind Words on my Store! ^__^ I appreciate so much!!!"
By Bluedarkat, 6/28/2012 about
I love You ArtWorks too! ^___^ You have a very beautiful Store!!! Wish You the best! :))))
"Sincere thank you."
By Castleinc, 6/15/2012 about
Thank you so much for your nice comments about the blue diamond wristlet. And yes, I'd love to design shoes for it. I even have a shoe shop called Shoehut that's been empty since they took the shoes down. Thank you for sharing the bag on twitter too. I'm already a big fan of your designs. All the best.
"Thank you Seitu"
By BizExecuTeesEtc, 4/23/2012 about
I appreciate that you "like" my store. I "like" yours , too. Your art work is great. As a 70 year old great-grandmother I hope I'll be able to be half as creative as you and others are. Keep up the good work. I'm proud for you! Come back again!
No comments yet.
198 results
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