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I started drawing the schwoopies after I was inspired by SARK's books. They were just random doodles in the beginning, untill a smart friend told me she loved them and couldn't help but smile at them and that I should do more with them.. so I started working on more drawings and painting them on all kinds of things.. and here I am.. So what are the schwoopies? Schwoopies are light and energy and fun. They are happy little.. well.. schwoopies, who come to inspire, energize, assist and just generally make more happy! Our products feature faeries, magic, inspiration, childhood.. so many things... If you're looking for something I don't have in my stock, I am always open to suggestions. Also, I do take commissions for a specific product you might want, & I am willing to personalize designs for gift-giving. I also hand-sew dolls - you can check those out at http://www.etsy.com/shop/happynakama You can follow my in-progress work and what I'm up to at my blog http://rainbowsanthem.wordpress.com/ or you can follow me on twitter for studio randomness and updates at https://twitter.com/rainbowsanthem **DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT MY OTHER SHOP AT HAPPY NAKAMA!**

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By artbymar, 4/16/2009 about
Thanks so much for your comment on my postcard!
"Greetings from Nicely Noobeegin"
By noobeegin, 3/25/2009 about
Good morning to you. Thank you for joining my FC as a mutual fan. You have such happy and colorful designs. I love them. Have a great day, Gaylord
By artbymar, 1/25/2009 about
Thanks so much for your comment on my Turtles shirt. I love your work it is so colorful.
"hello there!"
By MyZazzleCards, 1/23/2009 about
Thanks for stopping by and leaving the sweet comments!!
"Your Schwoopie Products"
By CaroleArt, 1/19/2009 about
What colorful designs! I love the checkerboard borders you put on them: really makes them stand out.
"Thank you for the lovely comment :)"
By floatinglemons, 7/19/2008 about
By icunow, 10/17/2007 about
Thanks for the nice comment on my Halloween Puppy.
By thecuteinstitute, 10/12/2007 about
thanks for dropping by and loving my art/products! cheers!
By thecuteinstitute, 10/4/2007 about
thx so much for leaving that nice comment and dropping by.. cheers!
By thecuteinstitute, 10/4/2007 about
thx so much for leaving that nice comment on my evil twins and dropping by.. cheers!
"Thank you!"
By floatinglemons, 10/2/2007 about
For the great comment on my "Woven Christmas Tree"!
By niagaragirl, 10/1/2007 about
I am so glad you have decided to Join the Eascape from Helvetica movement! Thanks for the nice comments on my wall ;-)
By icunow, 8/21/2007 about
Glad you like the baby dragons. I love your Back to School Series, very cute.
"You re welcome. Thank you! "
By yanmos, 8/12/2007 about
By icunow, 8/9/2007 about
Thanks for stopping by my store and the nice comment you left, it is much appreciated. I like your designs, they are really cute.
"Thanks for joining my club!!"
By artbyjolyn, 8/8/2007 about
By artbymar, 8/8/2007 about
Thanks for joining my fan club. Love your colorful designs.
By floatinglemons, 8/5/2007 about
Light, energy and fun is right! Great gallery.
"Your schwoopies are rock! Really cute gallery, and I'm looking forward to more!"
By folkartblonde, 8/5/2007 about
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