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"great stuff"
By larryunderwood, 3/11/2009 about
You've got a new fan, and it seems there are more and more of us out there every day...Keep up the great work! Thanks, Larry
"Hi Scott"
By ObamaWatch, 2/24/2009 about
Really enjoy your work. It's so nice to see real talent here on Zazzle. I'm wondering if you know that your Obama caricatures (yes we can, yes we did, wanted, barack) are being used/sold by a number of galleries here? Just a heads-up, didn't know if you had licensed them or permitted rights.
By aliciagrime, 12/30/2008 about
Nice Design Wow...
By dalecards, 12/5/2008 about
Great stuff!
By maddesignz, 10/17/2008 about
Hey - nice designs! Check out my stuff @ http://www.zazzle.com/maddesignz
By lalalandshirts, 9/29/2008 about
I love your gallery!
By wutanglatino, 7/6/2008 about
"Great and Funny designs..."
By MyFavoriteObama, 6/19/2008 about
Obama's face is very fun! Ears are big - hahaha! Are you Obama fan? I collected many Obama faces. Which Obama do you prefer?? Please visit my Gallery and find your "My Favorite Obama". How about #53?
By Insomniacs, 4/18/2008 about
Hi Scott.. I wanted to let you know about a new venture for me called Insomniacs.... It is a gallery for others to promote their new work and there will be a featured artist every week. All you have to do is join. I would love to have you as a part of it! Big Insomniac Hugs! Kimberly Hoffard
By jezzikabret, 3/4/2008 about
Welcome to Zazzle! Fun gallery :):)
"Hi Scott..."
By Hoffard, 2/29/2008 about
Poppin in to take a look at the your new work..... Happy Friday! Kimberly
"Hi, Great work"
By ritmoboxer, 2/25/2008 about
Very funny!!
By captphrank, 2/7/2008 about
Great Characterizations... Very funny.. Your Fan ...capt.
"Hello Scott Nychay..."
By Hoffard, 2/7/2008 about
I love your work! I joined your fanclub... Welcome to Zazzle! Kimberly Hoffard
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14 results