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My Zazzle gallery features off-beat images produced in a colorful modern style inspired by mid-century design.

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By skygack, 12/19/2011 about
for joining my fan club Scott! (Also my brother's name.) I've really enjoyed browsing thru your store. You have some great designs!!! -Skygack (a.k.a. Vicki)
By McFly88, 12/19/2011 about
Hey, I came across your Zazzle link that Comic Book Haven site. Pleasant surprise! Love your style, very cool stuff! :) I'm partial to the dinosaur and the death ray.
"TBA, etc."
By scottsaav, 7/26/2010 about
Thanks to all for the swell comments.
"Re: Mug?"
By scottsaav, 11/8/2008 about
You got it!
By olmpal, 11/7/2008 about
Great gallery, wonderful designs! Olympia
By hunter22375, 11/6/2008 about
Love the vintage rudolph card
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