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Toronto, Ontario
Briefly about myself... What you are dealing here is a Toronto-based artist/designer/illustrator, specializing primarily in heraldry, yet constantly and passionately creating in various media such as traditional art, digital art, photography and mixed media. As the driving force behind "C.7 Design Studio", I managed to elevate this outfit to a somewhat respectable level where it became a household name in such areas as next generation military, civic and family heraldry. With time my artwork found many homes including some unusual ones, such as governments, defense ministries, corporate offices, to name just a few. My art is also being enjoyed by number of private collectors and casual art lovers. I've also tucked under my belt several blockbuster movies, award-winning documentaries, and numerous online and print publications, where my artwork was used or featured in some way. Among other things, I am currently a contributing artist with ProHeraldica (USA), ProHeraldica (Europe) and Fine Legacy (Authentic Coats of Arms & Treasures). I few years ago I have developed my very own M-LETT 3D/2.5D method (which is short for "Multi-Layer Enhancement & Texturing Technique"). It is, in a nutshell, a method of simulating 3D appearance via specific 2D and 2.5D processes, or, if you wish - a method of achieving multidimensional look and feel, utilizing leading edge software and new media possibilities. It is still a work in progress. I extensively incorporate this method into many of my fine art pieces. As a result, we get something that my critics call "unorthodox, recognizable and unique"... Think of each image as a sculpture, carefully crafted and assembled layer by layer, until the desired result is achieved ... One of my other passions is restoration, reproduction and digitizing of vintage and antique images. Some examples of this body of work could also be found here.
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Comments (29)
RAWArtandDesign commented on Serge867 12/19/2011
"nice work,"
like the canvas a lot, nice work
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someofthedharma commented on Serge867 8/19/2010
Badass shoes, nice work
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TammyAndMummy commented on Serge867 7/21/2010
Thank you for your congrats. Love,Tammy
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