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Some of Nothing (TM) offers unique politically liberal, literary, humorous, and geeky t-shirts, hats, mugs, cards, and stickers. Hip and stylish gifts with a slight steampunk aesthetic for education, reading, writing, and computer geeks, teachers, and nerdy generalists. Everyone from book-lovers to bloggers will love these gifts, with designs dedicated to Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, PG Wodehouse, Oscar Wilde, and Barack Obama, among others. Politics is about people, and people want smart and funny gifts, cards, and apparel. Member of Zazzlers United See the categories just below for stylish, sarcastic, and intelligent designs.

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By PearlMeali, 12/19/2011 about
neato stuff, great art : ) I'm a fan
"Still think your store is neato!"
By Meghapotamus, 7/1/2010 about
Moved to a new store (from PearlMeali) & became a fan again!
"I always enjoy stopping by your shop!"
By quotesmwc, 6/27/2010 about
May all your Christmases be # FFFFFF is too funny!
"Great site. Great designs."
By Pencey, 5/12/2010 about
Professional site with great-looking, thoughtful design. I'm a fan!
By norkotees, 5/3/2010 about
I think you and I are long-lost mental soulmates, lol... seriously - very cool stuff
"Really Creative, Clever, Cool!"
By theLiberalShop, 4/15/2010 about
I love everything here!
"I'm a fan!"
By quotesmwc, 4/13/2010 about
Fascinating shop. So original. Marian
"Nice Gallery!"
By creativenergy, 3/19/2010 about
Thanks for stopping by my store. I'm a big fan of this type of art! joining fan club.
By Webjunkie09, 3/11/2010 about
Awesome I'm a FAN
By laureenr, 3/11/2010 about
Congratulations on your TBA. Lau
"Hey hey!"
By segrid, 3/9/2010 about
thanks for stopping by. I haven't been your way for a while. still as great as I remember! ciao, segrid.
"Thanks for the visit!"
By ericar70, 3/1/2010 about
I'm loving your gallery! Definitely a new fan! :)
"Thanks for the kind words."
By kwit35, 3/1/2010 about
Thanks for visiting my store. I love your Literary theme.
"Thanks for the Compliment!"
By Brownielocks, 2/25/2010 about
Thanks for taking your time to visit my store and giving me a gracious compliment. Your store is wonderfully unique also. It's creative with a quirky edge. Keep it up. I wish you all the best.
By nickaljus, 2/24/2010 about
for your comments. you have great stuff!
"nice gallery"
By allicor, 2/21/2010 about
Am a fan
"Thanks for the TBA congrats!"
By hapagirldesigns, 2/17/2010 about
Love your designs! Best wishes!
By harlemflits, 2/15/2010 about
great designs! I a huge fan!!
By marianne13, 2/3/2010 about
I like your designs too. :) -m
"So different and unique art!"
By sandygrafik, 2/2/2010 about
Thanks for your kind comments on my gallery!
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