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This place is another Soanala. The word "soa" is my name who made these pictures. The word "nala", the native Korean word written in English, means things like "world, nation, country". So you can interpret "soanala" as "soa's world". You can see more soa's pictures in www.soanala.com

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"Absolutely ..."
By PamelaDelliColli, 5/17/2009 about
gorgeous art!
By ashroc, 12/3/2008 about
such lovely work:)
By Celticgirl4, 4/10/2008 about
Beautiful work, I just joined your fan club!
"great works"
By chronorook, 11/8/2007 about
i have been a fan since i saw redyan... great work for a teen like you are!
"You are truly amazing, I visited your website too..."
By Cheries_Art, 4/4/2007 about
By captphrank, 2/7/2007 about
Sorry about the spelling...
By captphrank, 2/7/2007 about
I'm just guessing but these women look like they were made with Poser. If they are you are a Master!. I know these types of programs aren't easy to control. These are jut Beautiful. I'm very impressed..and a little jealous.(LOL)woderful to look at. I'm honerd to have seen your work..I'm a FAN...captphrank
By vitaliy, 12/29/2006 about
Excelent artwork, great taste, great colors, very well balanced
"Hello Soa,"
By ladyred0269, 8/4/2006 about
These images are amazing. We would love to see more! I am signing up for your fan club now! :)
By JAKE, 7/27/2006 about
This is really incredible artwork... make some more, pretty pretty please! Going to join your fan club right now
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10 results