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Images inspired by the WESTERN SPIRIT!

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20 results
By RulanCapperStarr, 11/20/2009 about
Love your store and art. Beautiful.
By ginnyl52, 8/25/2009 about
Beautiful,beautiful work you have here! I love everything!
"I have enjoyed browsing your gallery."
By Rebecca_Reeder, 11/14/2008 about
I particularly like the foal in "Field of Dreams"
"Beautiful! "
By PattiJAdkins, 10/2/2008 about
You have a wonderful gallery. I just had to join your FC.
By Paintstation, 7/7/2008 about
Very nice western gallery you have here. Think I'll tag-along. -Mike
"art work"
By kmullarney, 3/18/2008 about
love your style ,great work
"Great Art"
By shevinc, 12/13/2007 about
You have captured your subjects beautifully.
By wildhorse59, 11/30/2007 about
I love your artwork!! You now have a new fan!!
By patcallum, 11/22/2007 about
Wonderful Gallery!
"Still love your drawings!"
By hopefulone, 10/19/2007 about
Keep it up!
"Thanks for the Smile"
By CowboyCraic, 10/11/2007 about
Incredible talent exhibited here! I love the attention to detail and the spirit of the west that each embodies!
By kmullarney, 10/7/2007 about
beautiful work
"Your Horses"
By JohnnaCrider, 3/10/2007 about
are beautiful! Incedible detail and an incredible subject. Johnna www.zazzle.com/johnnacrider*
"oh wow! I love your horses!!! This is fabulous stuff!!! Thanks so much"
By sumiko, 12/4/2006 about
for stopping by & leaving your kind mssg! & I'm super glad you did as it now gives me some new horse art to share with Lucy! ;) (she's moved on from dalmations to horses in past year... ;) hugs, sumi
"thanks sonya!"
By QueenofHarts, 12/4/2006 about
nice gallery you have too!! love the horses and the barn joke! lol...thanks for your sweet comment!
"great stuff!"
By Horsefeathers, 11/4/2006 about
By noodleli, 11/1/2006 about
Lovely gallery!!
By codfishlady, 10/31/2006 about
You do great work!
"Western Spirit -"
By ZsTees, 10/31/2006 about
And that's enough for me! Love the prints. Great subject matter and artwork. Thanks for sharing it with us.
"Talented artist!"
By thundern1, 10/22/2006 about
Incredible detail, great subjects....wow what a opportunity to share your favorite drawing with everyone you send a letter or bill to.
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