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Every garden has it's own unique qualities, design and purpose. The very same holds true for the special people in our lives with a disability. Help spread the awareness for these special people with special needs. How this shop came to be: I decided to start this shop as a way to help raise awareness for both children and adults with disabilities. Having a son with Global Apraxia, Pervasive Development Disorder, Transient Tics and Sensory Integration Disorder, I learned real quick that parents and families need to advocate for their loved ones because if we don't...who will? I never knew of these disorders until my son was diagnosed at 2 1/2 years of age. I felt alone on this journey of having a special needs son so in turn I researched and got involved in special needs groups in my area to help bring forth the awareness I felt was lacking. This is my passion, to reach out and bring forth awareness for these special people with special needs. I hope that you will find something here to help you and your loved ones to continue the efforts. Or maybe you will leave this site feeling not alone, or inspired and motivated to keep fighting the good fight and to let not only our voices be heard but the voices of our loved ones as well. No matter how you may leave this shop...I hope you leave here knowing that there are others out there who understand. Need some coupons? Click here for the most current coupons! Just copy the code and enter it (paste) at checkout for a whole bunch of savings!

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By Destiny, 2/13/2013 about
Hello, Nice to meet you, Your artwork is truly outstanding! Best Wishes, Take Care =)
"Love it!"
By SledderWear, 11/24/2009 about
Love what you've all added!! I was here a couple months ago and was pleasantly surprised at all the new stuff since then!
"Wonderful site"
By rlwinkelmann, 11/23/2009 about
This is a wonderful shop...and kudos to you for bringing awareness....this is just beautiful in everyway!
"What a pretty site - with your lovely works all around!"
By mindprint9, 11/23/2009 about
A wish you a grand success, and thank you very much for becoming a fan of my Librarian's Choice gallery
"Can I just say?"
By SledderWear, 11/10/2009 about
That I absolutely LOVE your new binders??? How creative... genius!
By Butterfly2008, 8/12/2009 about
excellent site
"So touching!"
By insanitywear, 5/26/2009 about
Every one of these designs is heart touching. You really bring out the feelings of those with disabilities. Anyone will be proud to wear/show off such statements.... and done so beautifully!
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7 results