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Abandoned as an infant on the steps of a Whitechapel gin distillery with nought but a bottle of cough medicine to her name, the orphan Spyderfyngers has since risen through the ranks of London society, charming and thieving her way into the shrivelled hearts of aristocracy and underclass alike. She is to be considered armed and devastatingly handsome.

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"Great concept & idea !!!!"
By Aymar j Mabika, 7/9/2012 about
What made u think of that ? different, stylish, a winner !
By MissCollage, 1/29/2011 about
Beautiful store, I m a fan!
By someofthedharma, 1/17/2011 about
Rad designs brah!
By amymae7772, 1/7/2011 about
nice page
By spyderfyngers, 7/7/2010 about
I've opened up a brand new shop! www.zazzle.com/grimgreetings I want to keep things tidy here at Castle Spyderfyngers. Plus, I like showing Hallmark their place by selling Valentine's day cards with Vlad the Impaler on them.
By pigeoncircus, 5/4/2010 about
Great Images - nice aesthetic!
"Wonderful Work - A Distinctive Aesthetic"
By AntiqueImages, 2/28/2010 about
Your items are fabulous. They remind me of the dark and mysterious feeling of the American TV show Carnivàle... Very unique. I'm a new fan, and am sure I'll find something in your shop to feature on my blog soon!
"Business cards for Kristen"
By spyderfyngers, 1/27/2010 about
Hi Kristen! Here are the business cards: http://www.zazzle.com/fin_de_siecle_tattooed_woman_business_card-240998404746148430 You can customise them as much as you like, including colours and text. Does you tattoo studio have a website? I'd love to check it out!
"I need business cards!"
By Finearttattoos, 1/26/2010 about
Lady Verity I love your work! I just opened a tattoo studio and need business cards. Could you please put the "Fin de Siecle tattooed woman" on a business card so I could purchace it? I really do need them ASAP. I'd apreciate it loads. Hope to see more of your work soon, Kristin
"Welcome to Zazzle!"
By ObsessionDesign, 6/22/2009 about
Glad to see you over here. It's nice to be able to put all your designs in one place without paying, no? That said- I'm spreading out all over the place with 5 galleries and counting... Though the main lot's still at ObsessionDesign. I like your choices of categories so far- good luck!
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10 results