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Photographs form the basis of my work. Using a computer as my darkroom, I explore the natural world of landscapes, flowers and animals. I create vivid mandalas, free form interpretations of the energies of living color, and combine them with original poetry in my New Age/Unseen Universes series. All artists seek to share their perceptions of the world with others. I hope you enjoy sharing my vision. Vote For StarLily Gallery at Fun T-shirts -

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By SatoriDesign, 12/19/2011 about
Great shot of the Washington Monument. I'm a fan.
"Great Gallery"
By lindaS47, 3/27/2009 about
Love the mules, great shots
"Nice use of colour!"
By tuibird, 4/19/2008 about
"Great Gallery!!"
By RanchLady, 3/16/2008 about
By owlspook, 8/30/2007 about
ah beautiful (smile) .. love your gallery (smile)
"So mamy exquisite pictures!!!"
By Elle_Ichai, 6/15/2007 about
"Wonderful perspectives!!"
By lioneyes, 6/11/2007 about
A fan, for sure!
"Exquisite visuals visually exquisite."
By montdragon, 5/18/2007 about
"This is an absolutely must see place. Your website is great too, laid out well, excellent stuff!"
By Cheries_Art, 4/21/2007 about
"An excellent sense of design and color"
By bhbphotos, 8/7/2006 about
The images in Unseen Universes need to be seen as large prints to be fully appricated.
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10 results