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Steam Crow Shirt Gallery
Phoenix, Arizona
Daniel (m) Davis is monster illustrator and rogue indie publisher, currently residing in perpetually shiny Phoenix, Arizona. The author-illustrator of "Caught Creatures", "KlawBerry" and After Halloween, Daniel enjoys Monsterology, Jumbo Machinder, sticky soda and delicious corndogs. (But not in that order.) Daniel brings a love of pop culture and foreign advertising mascots to his Caught Creatures, along with a subtle sense of color design. Giant robo, furry beasties, and scholarly fish can all be found in his work, depicted in earthy colors and vintage textures. He's also a fan of old weathered paintings, like the advertisements that might be painted on the side of some old brick building. His recent work has reflected this interest with the addition of texture to his vector work. Daniel has worked as a farmhand, rock picker, bagel baker, paint mixer, screen print artist, graphic designer, and web designer, the whole while improving his craft as an artist and story teller. Daniel produces his art, books and prints and under the helm of his company, Steam Crow, with the assistance of his samurai son Kaid, his wife Dawna, and 12 imaginary goblins named "Kinny." This is the richest phase of Daniel's life, and he's happy to have finally found his artistic focus.
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Comments (4)
The Art of Mike Corriero commented on steamcrow 12/20/2010
Cool store, love the "Miso Angry" lol
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Kokeshi <3 commented on steamcrow 7/20/2010
LOVE LOVE LOVE everything you guys do! ^_^ Hope you have an amazing time at Comicon!!!
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commented on steamcrow 4/28/2010
"Congrats on your TBA!"
Great store!
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