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By vmh, 5/2/2014 about
hahaha this is very clever!
By Andy Tuba, 11/7/2010 about
Hey Steven, could you release this as a sticker? I already have a blank white coffee mug, but I'd like to spiff it up with your design!
"a review"
By joiseymike, 9/1/2010 about
This cup keeps my coffee warm, until it doesn't.
By PSC159, 12/22/2009 about
I get it! When you say CSS is awesome and you can clearly see that your CSS is wrong because the text don't fit then it's FUNNY! Ya, it's a joke lol.
"Is this a joke? I think I get it..."
By gregvan, 9/10/2009 about
Like, if you use CSS sometimes the words don't fit right and the design suffers...
"overflowing with excitement"
By wsc420, 4/4/2009 about
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