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"Absolutely gorgeous!"
By ScreenPeeker, 6/17/2014 about
Steve, I just love your style! I'm a huge fan of space, exploration, and classic sci-fi swag - very nicely done! Keep it up.
By Rusty Doodle, 5/18/2014 about
Love your illustration style!
By runeer, 2/7/2014 about
Very cool illustrations! Love them!
"I love these posters!"
By Belinha Fernandes, 12/8/2013 about
Hi! Happy Holidays! I am promoting one of your wonderful calendars on my blog. If you want to have a look, it's http://aportugueselove.blogspot.pt/2013/12/more-than-80-calendars-for-2014-you-can.html
"A Gem!"
By Ashley Peterson, 12/4/2013 about
Wow, what amazing and imaginative illustrations! I'm a major fan.
"Happy to know your Store!"
By Seyi Obahiagbon, 11/2/2013 about
I just came to your store. You seem quite popular!
By Johnna Morrow, 9/19/2013 about
Love your work!
"Great Humour"
By Peter Grayson, 6/13/2013 about
So long since I've seen this style of humour, great stuff. I come from the fities and sixties. Love it!!
"Hello Steve,"
By Destiny, 4/12/2013 about
>¸.•*´´ >¸.•*´´ >¸.•*´´ >¸.•*´´ >¸.•*´´ Wishing you & yours an outstanding weekend & blessed 2013!!! ★•*´*★¸.•*´*★¸.•*★¸.•*´*★¸.•*´´ Congratulations on your Featured Pick!★•*´*★¸.•*´*★¸.•*★¸.•*´*★¸.•*´´ ~~~
"Nice =)"
By SpectacularDesigns / Mike Finley, 2/14/2013 about
Love your store... Nice work! =)
By Lula Becraft, 12/13/2012 about
Cool designs and congrats!
By Destiny, 11/30/2012 about
Outstanding Gallery 5 ★★★★★ Best wishes to you & yours for a happy holiday season, Take care =)
"your work"
By run2sun, 7/4/2012 about
keep it up! all the love great stuff!
"I love the planetary travel designs"
By Nate A - ATA, 6/22/2012 about
in fact, all of your stuff is great! Very, very nice work!
By Amanda, 2/28/2012 about
Love your retro designs! So creative!
"SinginHobo: Posters"
By stevethomas, 1/27/2012 about
email me stevothomas@msn.com
By SinginHobo, 1/27/2012 about
Steve, I saw some of your spectacular Lord of the Rings posters at a friend's home recently and came searching for them. Is there a reason they're not offered? Can I get them elsewhere or will they be back? Really spectacular stuff.
"Big Thanks!"
By 64bprophet, 12/19/2011 about
Hey, I wanted to give a big thanks to Steve Thomas for his work. I've covered part of my office wall in the retro-space travel posters and my office looks somewhat like a retro-space tourism board office now. It's pretty cool. Keep up the topic and I'll most likely keep buying prints!
By sunfluer, 12/19/2011 about
Nice work! Congrats on TBA. I'm a fan.
By EssemmgeeEditions, 12/19/2011 about
Thank you for dropping by. Your designs are great (and skillfully produced) - so, who's a clever boy then..? Best wishes.
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