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My name is Mike Savad, I create one of a kind creations. Photo realistic is what people think of first. There are many themes, flowers, porches, and local Suburban Scenes, some city, some urban. I also have many Job inspired images that cover a quite a range. If your looking for a gift for your Pharmacist, Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer, Barber, Gardner, Fireman etc, there should be something there for you. These will look very nice hanging on your wall, or in a waiting room, even a hotel room. My art is inspired by Norman Rockwell and Paintings from the time of the Renaissance. ++++ If there is an Image you would like on an Item that I don't have, drop me a mail and I'll make it for you - no extra charge! ++++ You are hard working and you really deserve to advertise your company with one of these items. Carpentry, Maintenance, Machine shops, Building Trades, along with Writers, Chef's, Scientists, and Lawyers are just a few trades you can choose from. There are also Items for Barbers, Dentists, Doctors, Pharmacists, Firefighters, even the local mail man. These also make great gifts, There are some professions that are very hard to shop for. Do you know anyone that sews? A taylor perhaps, The sewing section contains the perfect item for your sewing room. And the hobbies section covers almost every kind of game, collection, and well hobby. Architecture can take the form of a house, a bridge, building or a mill. Of course there are many more forms than that as you well know. These items are a good gift for those that build houses, or sell them. But only that the farm section has all those cute country and farm related items. City life contains buildings from NY, Las Vegas, and many others. The Victorian Houses section has that perfect little house that will look great in yours. It's fun to explore this section. Americana contains all stuff American. Diners, General stores, and just all the fun stuff. The children section contains images of toys and candy. The perfect item to decorate your children's wall. Fine antiques contains things you might find at grandma's house. Old beds, rocking chairs, lamp, and other antiques. This section is great if you own a antique store and either need decorations, gifts, o4 advertisement material. Magic and Fantasy are for those that like magic, is a practicing Wicken, or your a wizard. All kinds of Flowers, animals and butterflies. The animal section has pets, farm animals and so forth. Transportation - All Aboard, in the trains section, you can get all kinds of locomotives. Great for those who drive trains, children, and of course don't forget the manchild. Cars are great for mechanics, bikes are too. Sea and Air - Great gifts for the captain in the family.

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By Melanie Thorne Nightingale, 1/17/2015 about
Really love the images, simply gorgeous
By krickerd, 12/19/2011 about
Are these paintings? As good as Norman Rockwell is, I think you've surpassed him in technical ability as far as capturing accurate shading, specularity, reflections etc. If the flowers aren't photos, I've never seen such photo realistic painting before.
By FirstNightDesign, 1/18/2010 about
I adore your designs, especially the shop windows and job-related images which have such a deliciously old-fashioned feel. Keep up the good work!
"Simply wonderful...congratulations!"
By scarrman, 10/31/2009 about
"Congrats on your TBA..."
By GalleryVisage, 10/22/2009 about
You use an Interesting technique that creates wonderful images.
By robynsnest, 8/27/2009 about
I love your artwork you have a great gallery. I'm a new fan
"Thank you."
By ebbies, 8/17/2009 about
Wonderful artwork. Love your light--just beautiful.
By StarStock, 8/13/2009 about
You have a wonderful style and technique. The images are really stunning.
"to answer krickerd"
By suburbanscenes, 8/6/2009 about
It's a combination of both. While it is partially inspired by Rockwell, to create atmosphere, these do start off as photos. But so did a lot of Rockwell's. Mine use Photos, sometimes as an HDR. Then layers of shadows and highlights are added for more drama and depth. In the end the goal is to make each one a unique piece of art, that resembles a photo realistic painting. ---Mike Savad
By DRCrafts, 7/26/2009 about
Such beautiful work!
"Beautiful Gallery!"
By PattiJAdkins, 7/25/2009 about
Your art work is gorgeous! I'm a fan :)
By VampOut, 7/24/2009 about
I loved your TBA design and I am so glad it brought me to your store! You have some amazing work!
By GLEMELIN, 7/24/2009 about
Beautiful gallery and images!
"Cool shop!"
By ties4u, 7/24/2009 about
"Hi! This is Gahome2mom's new store joining your fan club!"
By fcreations, 7/8/2009 about
"great prints"
By kdellimore, 6/29/2009 about
By GingerBarritt, 6/20/2009 about
"Wow fantastic gallery!"
By artbyjehf, 6/6/2009 about
So much wonderful art - love it!
"Gorgeous gallery! I'm a fan!"
By gahome2mom, 6/4/2009 about
"TBA Yayyy!"
By BunnyBoiler, 6/3/2009 about
Mr Suburban Scenes nice to see you on Zazzle, nice TBA design too!
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