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"Awesome Theme"
By Shadaan, 8/22/2013 about
I have become a fan of your store, i have joined recently and really dont know how to apply a beautiful theme like this, how did you do it, can you please tell, i mean the design of the blog
By Destiny, 3/9/2013 about
Hello, Pleasure to meet you, Outstanding artwork/photo's =) ~~<3 Hope 2013 is a beautiful one for you & yours, Take Care ~~~<3 Always, Destiny
By sjn_drawings, 12/2/2012 about
Your store looks incredible! Wonderful style!
By HaHaHolidays, 11/25/2012 about
I like your store layout and your designs!
"Your Great Art"
By Marianne, 11/13/2012 about
Hello, my name is Marianne and I just saw your art and thought it was beautiful. I am new to the site and I am just looking around right now. Don't have any of my products yet. I saw yours and I was like whoa. I would like to ask you a question, and I hope you don't mind answering. Like I said I am new to the site and I am not sure how to create my products on the site yet. How do you make your images -do you draw by hand first and then work in Adobe Illustrator to trace them and make them digital images or do you draw in Illustrator directly? I can draw pretty well, but I don't know Illustrator or Photoshop. So when I draw by hand, it looks like a drawing and NOT the printable image. Yours and others on the site look like a printable image. Like an illustration taken out of the book or something. So this is my question how is that accomplished I mean the look like it is a printable digital image and not a hand drawing? Thanks in advance for your answer, it would be much appreciated. Your work shows that you sure know what you are doing and I just hope you wouldn't mind answering my question. Marianne
By Doug Cloud, 9/5/2012 about
I found your tutorial in the forums on customizing our storefront and I wanted to come by and say "thanks". There were a few tweaks I been trying to do and thanks to you I know how now. Nice job.
By Elsie Johnston Black, 8/8/2012 about
I love your store! You designs are awesome!
"What fun!"
By Zap Time, 6/2/2012 about
Creativity oozes out of your ears.
"White pug designs!!"
By Xandersmom, 2/4/2012 about
I love your new pug graphics in Sugar vs. Spice, Please please please add a white pug design. You are the only source we can buy from for white pug gear. Our Xander is our baby :) Thanks
"Fantastic Store :)"
By Munawwar, 1/31/2012 about
This store is really awesome! The designs and the products are too great! Keep it up :)
"great store"
By pollop, 1/14/2012 about
keep up the good work with your products, some great designs
"Code for Facebook Link"
By refusetolose, 12/24/2011 about
Hello how do you set it up to were it has the facebook link ? plz and thank you :)
By Mix360, 12/20/2011 about
By connieszazzle, 12/19/2011 about
Okay - get ready. August 6th is National Wiggle Your Toes Day! Break out your best canvas and show them off on my comment wall to share. Best design wins, well, um, an entire day of toe wiggling!!
By BeckyB114, 12/19/2011 about
Great looking designs. I'm a fan. :)
By feedyourheadgraphics, 12/19/2011 about
By KirstenEdwards, 12/19/2011 about
Love your designs! I'm a fan!
By WildHairIllustrator, 12/19/2011 about
I love all of your characters. I'm a big fan!!!!
"Cheaper T-shirts!"
By SugarVsSpice, 12/19/2011 about
I realized yesterday that the SvS logos I'd painstakingly placed on the backs of all the t-shirts have been putting the prices up. I'm really sorry I didn't notice earlier; I'd just been adding them for so long it had become a habit! o_O …But you'll be pleased to know I've remade them all and removed the troublesome logos, bringing the prices down by as much as $8! I vow to never place a logo on the back again… enjoy the new prices! ^_^
By TheVintageVamp, 12/19/2011 about
You store has been chosen for an Editor's Choice Award from This award is only given to stores that we feel have outstanding designs presented in an artistic manner. Congrats!!
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268 results
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