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Hi. I'm Sween ! You might know me from such imaginary places as the Twitter and i am your canadian boyfriend . Most of what you will see here is from my Animal Trivia series . Animals are fascinating creatures and there is always so much more to learn! Come with me on a journey of wonder and education!

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"Wombats. They Mean Well."
By weezgrrl, 9/14/2010 about
Could you please add the "Wombats. They Mean Well" design to your store? My bf is a huge wombat geek (don't ask) and I'd love to be able to buy him a shirt and/or mug.
"i am a pretty little girl"
By Maggie, 7/15/2010 about
Any chance that you'll be making the dog drawing with the "i am a pretty little girl" available in t-shirt format? She reminds me so much of my dog.. :)
"Postcards please"
By Ranjani Tadinada, 6/27/2010 about
Hi Jason...do you have any of the Animal Trivia prints in postcard size? I would like a few to put up on my wall in a collage.
"Mice will share their frosting"
By yukonchris_zazzle, 5/18/2010 about
Could you please add the "mice will share their frosting..." design to your store? I need a tee-shirt :-) Thanks.
By segrid, 5/8/2010 about
can't believe no one's commented on your wall yet! criminal! criminal! brilliant drawings - you should put some on postcards! i can afford tons of those!
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5 results