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By shengxuan, 3/1/2012 about
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"My Alibi"
By take180, 12/19/2011 about
jbrowen: What would you like to see from My Alibi? We're working on stuff...
"Quote T-shirts"
By brookerthelooker, 12/19/2011 about
You guys should totally have t-shirts with hilarious quotes on them from Juice Box, Electric Spoofaloo, Fuax 1-1 and some of the other shows. And I agree about Corbin's Necklace, Confessions Poster and the Adam Chambers BTS shirt. : DDD
By sskillet, 12/19/2011 about
why there are not a Devon's t shirt? i need a devon's t shirt, i love Devon!
"Wolf Chubby"
By Meb212, 12/27/2010 about
I would really live to see a wolf chubby tanker! I would so buy it! Thoughts?
"Poster Idea"
By Dante1o1, 10/17/2010 about
You Guys Have to Get a I heart Vampires Poster Confessions! I WOULD SO BUY IT :D or a take180 poster in general!
"Adam Chambers T-shirt O YES!"
By JerriRed22, 4/2/2010 about
Heck Yes to the Adam Chambers shirt and My Alibi! ASAP Take180! ASAP....please? lol
"Confessions books....PUBLISHED"
By iheartvamps17, 3/6/2010 about
I am almost done with chapter 5 in Birth and I NEED more!! Please publish all the books! That would be soooo amazing!
"Good work"
By VvDianavV, 2/1/2010 about
i like the signed idea i have a lot of people that would buy some posters signed. also keep up the good work you all are doing amazing
"Good idea, meetvirginia!"
By take180, 12/8/2009 about
We'll work on it and keep everyone posted.
"Team Wyatt"
By meetvirginia, 12/7/2009 about
I would SO buy a 'Team Wyatt' t-shirt. Thoughts?
By frenchfrey, 11/7/2009 about
Maybe some Vagablonde stuff or something when the books get finished, you could somehow publish them
"Everyone's comments"
By take180, 9/15/2009 about
Thanks to everyone for the feedback! We might not respond to everyone, but we do read all your comments. brooker: We're working on some quote shirts. Good idea! A bunch of you: Love the locket idea, but it might take us some time to create. We'll keep you posted.
By biteablebella, 9/13/2009 about
I agree with Corbin's locket! I would so get one. What about selling autographed stuff?
By xrandomator21x, 9/11/2009 about
i'd so buy a confessions poster...and Corbin's necklace...that locket is really beautiful =)
"Corbin's Necklace?"
By iheartvampiresfan, 9/11/2009 about
Hey, it'd be so cool if you made Corbin's necklaces, you should so make those.
"T-Shirts and hoodies"
By webaddicted, 9/10/2009 about
You need them with the cast on them asap!!!!!!!
"Adam T and Confessions posters"
By take180, 9/10/2009 about
amm and Timeless -- We hear you! Thanks.
"Adam Chambers Tee"
By amm2386, 9/10/2009 about
I second that... I would definitely buy an Adam Chambers tee!
"Confessions Posters"
By TimelessT180, 9/10/2009 about
would be pretty awesome. (but you probably knew that)
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22 results
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