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The Button Lady's Zazzle Gallery is full of designs featuring groups of pretty, colorful buttons for the button collector or the person that just loves buttons. Some buttons are pretty little works of art. It is amazing to me what button designers and artists can do to make such a tiny canvas look so different and beautiful. If you are a history buff then you might be interested in buttons for that reason. Old buttons reflect the customs of the era in which they were made and used. I hope you will find some buttons to love here! There are many t-shirts and gifts featuring cute, fun, and colorful buttons. The Button Lady

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By jeanhar1, 2/22/2010 about
Great store! I'm a fan : )
"Nice store"
By ImagineMDD, 2/12/2010 about
Very pretty shop! I love buttons, you selection and photos are great.
"Very different and unique! Love it!"
By Sandyspider, 1/16/2010 about
Totally revamped RocketMoms Zazzle Galleries for those who were in the group for Session 2. Three of your products are shown there.
By isabelalfarrobinha, 1/16/2010 about
very nice and different store
By Willowdesign, 12/24/2009 about
Have a merry, merry Christmas! :)
"Cute! The Button Lady!"
By jaguarjulie, 8/31/2009 about
OMG, this is too cute -- love the name of your store.
"Very Pretty!"
By WindyWinters, 8/22/2009 about
What a lovely way to share your collection of buttons. :)
By clouda9, 8/14/2009 about
Your designs are just perfect! I love buttons too...so much history!
"Great Store"
By andrea_berrios, 7/27/2009 about
I really love the buttons designs, it looks awesome! Thanks for visiting my Cupcake Factory store!
By Cherylsart, 7/23/2009 about
Colorful pics! Would you mind if I post some of your products on http://www.squidoo.com/colorful-buttons , Cheryl
By TreasuresByBrenda, 7/16/2009 about
These are beautiful, they're so colorful!
By thebuttonlady, 7/11/2009 about
Thank You!
By susan52z, 7/11/2009 about
I love the buttons! Great photography, really awesome designs!
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