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"Hi! ☆◠‿◠☆"
By Bluedarkat, 12/24/2012 about
Awesome works and designs! Love Your Store! ☆◠‿◠☆ Wish You lots of sales!!! ☆◠‿◠☆ And Wish you & your's a Peaceful Christmas & Fantastic 2013! ☆◠‿◠☆
"Aaren 2011"
By theCodifyer, 1/8/2012 about
I'm more into Classical Music, Aaren. I watch alot of movies, though - old & new. How about you?
By Aaren 2011, 1/8/2012 about
hi do you know this song called party rock or do you play modern warfare 3 on x-box 360.
"Aaren 2011"
By theCodifyer, 12/30/2011 about
What a wonderful message - a gift to me!. So glad you can use the paints. I AM a secret elf in disguise, how did you know? :-) Happy New Year to you & your Mom. Write me anytime! We artists must help each other. Your friend, aza ~^~
By Aaren 2011, 12/25/2011 about
My name is Aaren and my mom says that you are one of santas elves,m you got me a painting kit for Christmas and I just want to say thank you so much! It meant so much to me when you took the time to write me a card aswell, that is how I found you, I hope you dont mind!! Are you a secret elf? Well we have alot in common with art and photography,and I hope that we can be friends. My mom is helping me to send you this letter so I promise I have permission to write. Well Merry Christmas and thank you again for my Awesome paints!!!! Aaren
By Codifyer, 10/10/2011 about
Thanks Pam! Grateful for your love & support. Hugs, aza
"Store and work by Azaleigh"
By Pamela.Sterling@asu.edu, 6/19/2011 about
I love it all. And I love azaleigh!
By theCodifyer, 11/9/2010 about
Thanks for your faith, appreciation & purchase. Let me know if there is any problem w the shoes or the service. Love you - me & she ~^~
"What a great store!"
By jodotcom, 11/9/2010 about
I love your products, especially the LuRain Penny collection, which is as colorful and dynamic as its namesake.
"Thanks my friend!"
By theCodifyer, 11/9/2010 about
Your support means so much to me. From the bottom of both my hearts, love to you. ~^~
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10 results