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The Democrat Donkey is a sister site of ButtoZUP.com The Democrat Donkey Shop started with our "We Can Do It" design based on the popular "Rosie the Riveter" World War 2 poster. Our unique version of the Democratic Donkey speaks for himself as Democrat Mascot as he rolls up his Blue Sleeves and flexes some democrat muscle! Other Democrat Donkey Designs include: The Time is Now featuring our Unique Democrat Donkey kicking in Patriotic style. Democrats Rock the House has Dem Donkey slinging a Rockin' Guitar for Democratic Party People. Also, Our Retro Democrat Donkey features Vintage style The Dem Donkey kicking it since 1792 on Shirts Buttons & Stickers. Old Faded Look gives this design an antique look. Stop Horsing Around- this is some of the Best Dem Donkey t-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers around. 2012 Elections are just around the corner. Show your support for the Party of the People.

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"Love Your Gallery"
By beverlytazangel, 4/3/2008 about
Looking forward to keeping up on your items, they're great!
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