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.THE STORY YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ IS TRUE.....It is a story about a little fox, affectionately named JAR HEAD......and this is his story! ONE DAY A SMALL GRAY FOX PERCHED HERSELF ON A DOWNED TREE BEHIND MY HOME. FOR THREE DAYS SHE SAT THERE AND ON THE THIRD DAY I ASKED HER POINT BLANK " LITTLE FOX" JUST WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU? I JUST STARED AT HER AND SHE STARED BACK as we were no more that 20 feet from each other. THEN A FEW MOMENTS LATER I CAUGHT SOMETHING OUT OF THE CORNER OF MY EYE MOVING AROUND IN THE GRASS. AT FIRST I THOUGHT IT WAS AN ARMADILLO BECAUSE OF THE AWKWARDNESS OF IT'S MOVEMENT BUT ON CLOSER OBSERVATION I NOTICED IT WAS A LITTLE BABY FOX ....WITH A JAR ON IT'S HEAD! He looked like a space fox ready for take off! It was very disconcerting and my heart just sank and begin to think how can I help this little wild animal? When I went towards him he took off towards the tree mom had been sitting on... hitting his head or rather the jar, on the tree, and disappeared.... IT BECAME CLEAR to me at that point THAT THE MOTHER FOX HAD BEEN ASKING FOR INTERVENTION FOR HER KIT AS THERE WAS NO WAY SHE COULD HELP HIM HERSELF. AS ELUSIVE AND SHY AS FOX ARE, SHE PUT HERSELF, IN BROAD DAYLIGHT , TWENTY FEET FROM MY BACK DOOR, TO SUMMON THE HELP SHE NEEDED FROM A HUMAN BEING...WITH HANDS! TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT LITTLE JAR HEAD WAS RESCUED THE NEXT DAY WITH THE HELP OF SOME ANIMAL LOVING NEIGHBORS, AND AN AMAZING MAN WHO HAD NO FEAR OF FOXES... Since then, the mother fox stopped sitting on the tree but would be seen often with her kits playing on the property. One day I noticed that Mom, affectionately named null, was limping. She was still nursing her kits and I knew hunting would be hard for her. I decided to give her some food and she was pleased. So now, every morning I lay out some pet food for them and watch them gather and interact with one another in a very casual and relaxed environment. I feel very privileged to be a witness to such a beautiful moment in time. It has also awakened my own connection to nature again. As a photographer, this has allowed me the fortunate ability to photograph these adorable gentle creatures up close and personal . They seem to smile at me a lot and look right in to the camera, especially mom and little Jar head! They are aware of me but not afraid of me though we all respect the other's space! If you have any questions or comments about my photography please email me at slrfineartphoto@aol.com

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"thank you"
By WorldDesign, 11/23/2009 about
thank you for joining our fan club, we look forward to exploring your store :-)
"On Story"
By mgchristi, 11/4/2009 about
What a wonderful heartfelt story. As you are privileged to be in their life, so are they to know you!
By WildThings, 10/7/2009 about
Great story and wonderful images.
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