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The Los Angeles based group, The Love Movement was established with one concept in mind, the enjoyment from creating. A collaborative effort of public art and gallery work by a group of designers, artists, teachers, and architects from different backgrounds, TLM's mission is simple to create pieces that critique and poke fun at society and pop culture while also drawing awareness to the current state of world affairs. Often using discarded materials TLM creates something new by destroying something old, by creating beauty from which society leaves discarded to decay. The Love Movement has been known to make a difference in our society. They recently helped provide a fresh water well in the African country of Benin through the sales of their art and the help of the Peace Corps, and helped provide schooling for children in Benin and Bali, Indonesia through the International Humanity Foundation.

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"you guys"
By Patrick von Janicke, 10/1/2011 about
clean crisp awesome!
"Greetings from your new fan"
By polkadotinks, 4/20/2010 about
What a great designs!! Keep up the good work. Peace, your new fan..
By indiebabexx, 11/30/2008 about
Welcome to zazzle, love your style
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