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Michael’s Dream Foundation is a grass-roots initiative started by people from all over the world who want to make a real difference in the lives of children by helping them to recover from illness and injury in as short a time as possible. For more information, please visit our website at http://www.michaelsdreamfoundation.org

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By Michelle, 6/28/2014 about
Although I do like the products...I find most quite expensive. Being a single mom, and on disability...makes it pretty hard to contribute by buying one of these products. It's easier for me to just give a few dollars. That way, I can also give a few dollars to other charities as well. I do like the products though. The special on the bamboo pillows caught my eye, but whoa! Too expensive, then they tack on an extra $22 for shipping! So it ends up being about $85 dollars for 2 pillows. Sorry about this cause I'd love to try those pillows, but can't try an experiment for that amount of money. :(
By Nancy MJfan, 10/18/2012 about
I just love my mdf hat and keychain. These products are beautiful and thoughtful and I can wait until I'm able to make my next purchase.
By shellymack, 7/22/2012 about
the products are great and the people are soo nice
"The Store"
By Amber Johnson, 6/9/2012 about
This store is simlpy Great !! Every Item is just beautiful and I plan on making a purchase here soon .
"Cool products"
By Taniya Ghosh, 6/9/2012 about
I got my MDF pledge keychains, the one with the heart. Am glad that i did help by making purchases and will do more of shopping from the MDF store.
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