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Buy T-shirts that existed before T-shirts existed at ThenWear! Colorful and unusual presidential campaign paraphernalia from Roosevelt, George Washington, Herbert Hoover and even Millard Fillmore; funny and artistic tour shirts and mugs from Galileo, Darwin, Mozart, Shakespeare, Gen. Sherman, Attila the Hun, Chaucer, Johann Sebastian Bach, Joan of Arc, Magellan, Genghis Kahn and Edgar Allan Poe; historic Spring Break shirts from the Soviet Union, Cuba, East Germany and more. All the historical merchandise at ThenWear is original, artistic and very, very witty. Be different. Wear history. Click the categories below and explore!

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By Belinha Fernandes, 12/8/2013 about
Hi! Happy Holidays! I am promoting one of your wonderful calendars on my blog. If you want to have a look, it's http://aportugueselove.blogspot.pt/2013/12/more-than-80-calendars-for-2014-you-can.html
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