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JOIN THECULT OF THUMBMAN and support charity! On the 7th day, God did not rest. In a secret military bunker he took the thumb of Adam and breathed upon it. The wind raged and the thunders of the Universe cracked, and then it was silent ... and the thumb opened his eyes. And he was named THUMBMAN. Thousands of years later, Thumbman has decided to stop partying at Uni and come forth to the populous. It is time to spread the great sign of peace and give his thumb up to everybody, and to ask you to do the same. Spread the word of THUMBMAN! -THUMBMAN

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By maaaaaaaate, 4/18/2009 about
you sick bastards. thats my fucking dad.
"To ChinaSTboy"
By whyhellotheresailor, 3/20/2009 about
ChinaSTboy - 你说那个小胖人是谁? 我还没听过这样的中国人! Loving the jaws theme! Has anyone actually found out who thumbman is yet? Does he know that he is gracing mugs and mousepads in homes around the world?
"I'm glad to know you!!!"
By yuanyang168, 3/12/2009 about
By Zhang1129, 2/11/2009 about
very funny,good luck!!!!!
"picture on button"
By willie533, 2/11/2009 about
the picture on the button looks amazingly like my son who passed away 11/1/08 do you know who this is? and could you tell me
"WOW Crazy and Scary Design"
By Lluwellyn, 2/10/2009 about
This pop my Heart out. THE JAWS THEME IS FUNNY! Passion of the heart by Lluwellyn
"Nice to meet you!!!!"
By 廖凯达, 2/9/2009 about
哈哈~~~ 我们中国也有个跟你一样红的人,在中国大家都叫他小胖!!!!
By mikek92349, 2/5/2009 about
By Gud_Onya, 2/3/2009 about
So, how many thumbs could a thumb man thumb if a thumb man could thumb, man? Good stuff and good luck!
By mrswizz, 1/30/2009 about
themb man, thumb man der der der der der der awesome!
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