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Tiger Lily Studios offers a smart collection of gear for Massage Therapists, Yoga Enthusiasts, and just about everyBODY else! Designed, written and illustrated by Susan & Shane Epperly, who, in addition to being artists and designers, are Licensed Massage Therapy Instructors and Clinical Massage Therapists in private practice, much of our line is created by MTs, for MTs! If you like what you see and feel so inclined, please "like," and leave comments on our shop and / or individual products. And please feel free to inquire if you might be interested in becoming an affiliate! Thanks! www.tigerlilystudios.com

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By Liszi, 7/29/2014 about
Ordered a shirt from you. Love the design but didn't realize until I received it that there is a spelling error on it. Anything we can do about this? I was planning on ordering a couple more of the same shirt but dont want to walk around wearing an incorrect shirt.
"Awesome Gallery..."
By allegra_online, 2/27/2011 about
I love love love this!
By littleladydesigns, 10/24/2010 about
Awesome! Nice to see more clever lines for massage :)
"LOVE them!"
By smoodyCMT, 10/10/2010 about
Finally some clever massage slogans!
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