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Welcome to ClydeStuff - cat lover's gear! Here you can buy fun and humorous apparel, funny and touching note and greeting cards, and inspiring prints and posters-- featuring images of Clyde Big Paws, Gertrude, and Eddie cats-- stars of the award winning Web site, ClydeSight2.0! Click on the PRODUCTS tab above. You'll go to pages that show ALL our images with the product type they appear on. The product type is printed in light gray at the top of each image. Click on the LINKS tab above. You'll go to a page that has links to other great ClydeSight Productions Web sites. For your convenience, we have a selection of 12 of our most popular images listed in the FEATURED PRODUCTS section below. Click on an image to see what type of product it is available on. We have more products than just these 12, so be sure to click on the PRODUCTS tab to see ALL our products! You can also e-mail us from this store. Just scroll down this page until you find the Contact Me form! Thanks for stopping by! Have fun and Enjoy!

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By kazab75, 2/27/2007 about
Love your kitty pics! The one with the mouse is great!
By noodleli, 9/1/2006 about
Awwww....love your cat stuff!
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