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Welcome to my gallery. I have been retired for two years, and have been devoting all of my time to painting Watercolors which has always been my favorite artistic medium. My works are mostly created from photographs, and I enjoy photgraphy as well. Please come back and visit often. Visit my new blog at http://www.terrykrysakartworks.blogspot.com make custom gifts at Zazzle Powered By Ringsurf

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By Ruthsteinfatt, 2/13/2009 about
Lovely watercolors. I have my watercolor paintings made into cards. By the way I am from Sidney, BC!
By NormaJean35, 8/17/2008 about
You have a great gallery
"Welcome to zazzle, Terry!"
By floatinglemons, 7/13/2008 about
good to see you here :D
By Kallbo, 7/11/2008 about
And thank you for joining my fan club! :-)
"Thank you!"
By Kallbo, 7/11/2008 about
for your nice comment on my Day lily photo! :-)
"Hi, Terry!"
By codfishlady, 7/10/2008 about
Thank you for stopping by and for your nice comment on my "Unusual Color" card. Thanks also for joining my fan club!
By RLMdesignes, 7/3/2008 about
lovely gallery. love the watercolors
By Ricaso_Designs, 7/3/2008 about
You have an amazing talent : )
"Wonderful! :o)"
By mariannegilliand, 7/2/2008 about
By TheSpottedOlive, 7/2/2008 about
Very soft and beautiful! Welcome to Zazzle. Best wishes and much success to you.
"Firecrackin Nice Gallery!!"
By Firecrackinmama, 7/2/2008 about
I love water color but mine get too Boomin wet!
"oh wow!"
By blessedwedding, 7/2/2008 about
welcome to zazzle, what an amazing talent u have, the florals are so pretty , the colors so beautiful love it! good luck!
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