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Welcome to tonyp's UStore! This is the official store to purchase tonyp images merchandise! These images are from his six collections: "The Recycled Collection" "The Impact Collection" "The CHROME Collection" "The Myopic Views Collection" "The Ominous Beauty Collection" "The TIRED Collection" tonyp has been creating his artwork since he was a teenager. He has exhibited his work in many joint shows and had his first one man show in 2002. His work was currently shown at the Zietgiest Gallery in Detroit. His art work also is featured in the book Artistic Expressions. What makes tonyp's merchandise unique from others is the three-step process it takes to create the image. The image starts as a Black and White photograph shot, hand colored (with his secret Ingredient) and then Digitally Enhanced by tonyp , Each collection is inspired from tonyp's life experiences. To view all the collections click the link below! My Galleries

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"Welcome To Zazzle!"
By CowboyCraic, 4/24/2008 about
Your designs are wickedly fantastic! You are off to a great start here. Kudos to you for supporting such a good cause! I wish you much success! Bright Blessings, Bit
"a good cause and product"
By beardiethor123, 4/22/2008 about
so many causes out there get too little attention; and they are important too. so way to go with your contribution and excellent products. rick
By knowndebaser, 3/26/2008 about
man your gallery is amazing.
By Felidae52, 3/25/2008 about
I love your "Chrome Demon"! Nice gallery!
"Thanks for dropping by and joining my Fan Club and..."
By SuzeeQ, 3/23/2008 about
...I'm so glad you liked my Fantasy work. I still think your Gallery is great! I'm gonna go explore some more. I hope you had an awesomely wonderful Holiday Weekend!
"Great start to your Gallery! Welcome to Zazzle!"
By SuzeeQ, 3/17/2008 about
I really like your Jazzmatazz poster. The colors are fantastic. Terrific work here!
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6 results