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Too Stupid to Understand Science? Try Religion. Shirt
Too Stupid to Understand Science? Try Religion. Shirt
Too Stupid to Understand Science? Try Religion.
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Too Stupid to Understand Science? Try Religion.
Too Stupid to Understand Science? Try Religion.
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Too Stupid to Understand Science? Try Religion. Shirt

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"Zazzle sells dazzling tee shirts!"
Reviewed by John R 7/6/2012
Product Quality: Excellent
Print Quality: Excellent
Recommended: Yes
Recommended for: Myself
Shipped on time: Yes
How it fits: True to Size
About the product:
I've now bought five atheist-themed tee shirts (because of my non-belief) and I have been very satisfied with all of them. The sizing has run true, the tees are made of quality materials, and the graphics have always been clean and clear. Zazzle provides good service for the price and has provided a means of publicly expressing myself that I hadn't previously been able to find.
About the print:
The designs came back as I anticipated, with. The colors and images being very good. And after several washings they've held up better than expected.
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7 results
By croad803, 12/19/2011 about
What's with atheist singling out Christians?
By mickgodfrey, 12/19/2011 about
a sound summation of the old religion/atheist clash, but i'd say islam is more the force of violence and pushiness with respect to religion while christendom has secularized heavily and its fundamentalist arenas don't have as many players as before - xians have softened and we are all the better for it!
"Religion is NOT a matter of stupidity."
By Hewn, 12/10/2011 about
Highly intelligent people can still be religious. They do it by selective suspension of reason. It shows a lack of intellectual integrity to intentionally treat certain areas of thought as being exempt from the same critical thought you employ elsewhere. It is a form of laziness. Perhaps fear. But not nearly so simple as just stupidity.
By Robert M., 6/22/2011 about
The whole reason I studied science was to avoid falling into a wacko-crazy religion like Scientology or Atheism. I'm glad I developed the critical thinking skills to avoid such faith-based traps. And wait, doesn't Atheism try to hijack science to prove their own religious views, like God's existence and whatnot? I guess the shirt then could read "Too smart to be an Atheist? Try Science!"
"can i put stuff on the back of the shirt"
By mickgodfrey, 12/9/2010 about
people will read what you have to say more so if they are not facing you and read your back, kind of like looking at boobs and butts, you can spend FAR more time looking at butts, but boobs are more tricky... so i want a butt shirt? a back shirt really... your message on my back, so they don't look at my butt so much of course... hope that made some sense... thanks
"@ croad803"
By ArmandAudrey, 11/18/2010 about
Atheists don't just single out Christians, Christians are one the most intrusive and intolerant of major religions, so Atheists speak out against Christianity in self-defense. Atheists by definition don't believe in ANY deity, but other religions don't attack us for it. Wicca, for instance, or Satanism, Voodau, Kermet Orthodox, and other Pagan religions don't spend their time publicly attacking Atheists and using the word 'Atheist' as a synonym for an immoral person. That's why Atheists fight back.
By godisasillyicon, 10/10/2010 about
hey moron, Christianity is not the only religion. Thanks for helping to show the shirts accuracy
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7 results


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