Baboon "Corey"
Basset Hound "Howie"
Beagle "Banjo"
Black Lab "Belle"
Black Macaque in the Hood
Border Collie "Wylie"
Boston Terrier "Ruthie"
Boxer "Alice"
Cat - "Samson"
Cat - Maximus the Brown Tabby
Cat "Murphy the Orange Tabby"
Cat "Patrick the White Cat"
Cat "Pookie the Grey Tabby"
Cavalier King Charles "Baxter"
Chickens "The Ladies"
Cocker Spaniel "Baby Abby"
Dalmatian "Nessa"
English Bulldog "Adagio"
German Shepherd "Boss"
Giraffe - Heshimu
Golden Retriever "Wendy"
Horse "Lacy"
Husky "Aquilo"
Jack Russell "Bonnie"
Orangutan "Libby's Orangutan"
Parrot "Macabe the Macaw"
Pig "Angel Pig"
Pit Bull "Hemi"
Pug "Zena"
Yorkie "Rascal"
Halftone Love
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Dog, cat and wild animals images on clothing and accessories. TriPodDogDesign is a custom pet portrait studio that creates beautiful images from your snapshot. For a custom portrait of your pet, please visit our website at