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Art and crazy, cool, wildly fun stuff for everyone, including The PinkyPets - cute animals designed by Alex and Rachel - two smart kids with a love for animals(visit our Pinky Pets page to see all the cute characters)!! Also - cartoons, humor, political, crazy fun stuff, beach lovers, tropical abstract designs, competitive eaters, eating fans, art lovers...make sure to wander through all our bright, colorful stuff to see all our great, creative, and fun stuff!!

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By fredml8, 11/5/2007 about
Nice gallery! Beach boogie is where I'd like to be right now. Keep up the good work.
"Hey Tropicmon!"
By aradovan, 4/10/2007 about
Love all the PINK!! ;) You have a fun gallery and some very humorous designs! Thanks for stopping by!
By starvingsteven, 4/3/2007 about
you got some sweet stuff going here :)
By alicattn, 3/28/2007 about
My kind of place! Very cool!
"Thanks for the visit! "
By oldnicks, 3/27/2007 about
I love your pinky pets!
"tropicmon my man!"
By makelovenotwar, 3/27/2007 about
Thanks for dropping by my pad. You got some groovy gear here!
"Tropicmon Creator"
By moneyfornothings, 3/17/2007 about
Your stuff is cool, but you look scary. How many hot dogs did you eat in your last contest? Keep going on the Pinky Pets..they are cute, but you still look scary!
By sacha, 3/17/2007 about
this is a cool site!Pinky pets are so cute!
By rdwnggrl, 3/12/2007 about
Thank you for the comment on my page!
"Pinky Pets"
By Pink Fandango, 3/12/2007 about
Any pink pets are friends of mine!! I love the Pinky Pets
By moneyfornothings, 3/11/2007 about
I love this stuff!! It's cool, crazy and definetly bizarre!!
"Pinky Pets"
By Pinkyprincess414, 3/2/2007 about
These characters are so cute, and they're pink, my favorite. Thanks for inventing them!! Watch out "Hello Kitty", here comes the Pinky Pets!
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