"You're Purrfect" Tuff Kitty
I Love You
I Love Twitter
Do I Look Like a Freakin People Person?
The Litterbox
I Don't Do Mornings
If You Don't Like Cat Hair, Get OFF The Couch!
Bite Me!
Cool Cat
You Say Bitch Like That's a Bad Thing
Alpha Cat
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35th Birthday Cat Gifts
40th Birthday Cat Gifts
45th Birthday Cat Gifts
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"Yeah Yeah...Happy Holidays"
Merry Freakin' Christmas
"Thanks for the Fruitcake...Now GO HOME!"
Santa Hates You

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One of a kind funny cat t-shirts & gifts for people who love cats. Shirts and apparel with pictures of cats, fat cat mugs, black cat bumper stickers and birthday gifts are great ideas for cat lovers. We even have shoes and ties with cats on them! Tuff Kitty isn't just another cute cat on a tee shirt. If you're looking for smart, funny, sarcastic cat stuff with attitude, you've come to the right place. If you like Tuff Kitty please vote for us! Vote For Tuff Kitty Designs at Zazzlers Free TopSite

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"I Don’t Do Mornings"
By ilivitup, 2/26/2013 about
Subject fits me to a tee, but I’m looking for an image of a “lazy cat on it’s back”, instead of an “electrocuted” cat. I own a sweatshirt with the lazy cat image that I save to wear for special occasions, i.e., when I am forced to “do mornings”. It was designed by Alore, in Springfield, IL. Unfortunately, I have discovered Alore is no longer in business. Any suggestions?
By sjn_drawings, 11/22/2012 about
Cool work, great kitty!
"Completely Love This Kitty!!"
By Laura Weber, 12/19/2011 about
This is the perfect kitty for any occasion! I just adopted my first cat last year, Morris (he's 3 yrs old)and he has this attitude at times! Thank you for sharing this wonderful kitty! Take care!!
By djoneill, 3/5/2011 about
Grumpy Angel loves your stuff!
"Tuff Kitty Jackets ?"
By Janine99, 1/13/2011 about
I wish you had tuff kitty on jackets ... I bought two a few years ago on the cafe press site but they no longer carry tuff kitty ... please add the hoodie jackets to your product line !
By jackrico, 11/21/2010 about
luv the cat caddy shoes
By Irisangel, 8/19/2010 about
Love them all!!!!
By ThroughYourLies, 6/26/2010 about
love your designs! Cute kitties :]
"Your Shop"
By SublimeHues, 5/7/2010 about
I Love your Shop! Great work!
By jcphoenixtwo, 4/22/2010 about
I love this kitty!!!
By phil_longmeier, 3/26/2010 about
Very cool cat.
"Nice Designs"
By idreamofmonsters, 2/7/2010 about
Totally appealing character great job! Cheers :o)
By Exit178, 10/4/2009 about
Great stuff, I'm a fan!
By KatsEyes, 9/28/2009 about
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14 results