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Welcome to the Gallery! Henry David Thoreau once wrote 'Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.' This web site is in part the song I have within me. I am primarily creating Prints, however, if you see an image you would like available as a Card, T-Shirt or even Stamps, drop me a line and l'll do my best to accomodate your request. Thanks for stopping by. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Here's some shameless self promotion: Corel Painter Official Magazine Issue 8 featured a small blurb about me on page 12 saying in part 'We were really struck with how Eric introduces texture into his work - pay a visit to his gallery and you will be treated to rich brushstrokes and thick paint worked into colourful and intriguing creations.' They say there's no such thing as bad press but I'll take good press everytime! :-)

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"Nice Artwork"
By Xzendor7, 10/22/2010 about
"AMAZING artistry"
By jessicacaylyn, 1/30/2010 about
Hi Tuxxon! Is that your real name? LOL... I'm looking for someone to design a poster I could use to announce my gigs. Please message me ASAP re: your fee & availability. I've been asked to email a PDF file that the restaurant/bars can use to print posters & flyers to hand out. Thanks a bunch! Jessica Caylyn www.myspace.com/jessicabuntingsmusic
By AwesomeZazzlers, 7/21/2009 about
You’re an Awesome Zazzler! Congratulations, your artwork has been selected for an Excellence in Artistic Design Award and is being featured on the front page of the Awesome Zazzlers Gallery.
"Beautiful Artwork!"
By WeAreWoman, 2/23/2009 about
I love your use of colors.
By Graham_Conrad, 4/29/2008 about
Congrats on being promoted in, 'Corel Painter Official Magazine'!!! That's so awesome, and you absolutely deserve it :) It's been far too long since I've paid a visit to your gallery and I love all of your new work! Keep those beauties coming ;)
By Lorri_dana, 3/19/2008 about
Love your designs i'm a fan.
By mickeyelvis128, 6/20/2007 about
Very very nice!!! I joined your fan club... You are most welcome to join mine...
"i like your mermaids!"
By SuperMaggie, 5/15/2007 about
"Very original!"
By oldnicks, 3/21/2007 about
"Banner and Logo are awesome!"
By azac69, 3/14/2007 about
and so is your artwork:)
By jamiecreates1, 2/15/2007 about
Beautiful artwork!
By MedinaA42, 2/15/2007 about
She reminds me of my Daughter her name is Raven... your work is wonderfull full of color just like life..
"Beautiful artwork!"
By Ghoulgle_Art, 1/29/2007 about
Love your designs, and thankyou for the visit and comments in my gallery. Hope to see more of your work.
By bullfish, 1/22/2007 about
Your art is stunning. I love the colours, and the bold, beautiful, undulating shapes. You're very talented!
"I adore your banner! The colors appeal to me, as does the scene itself."
By clarachandler, 1/12/2007 about
"Love your portraits!"
By Avramidisv, 1/9/2007 about
Love your portraits! Especially fire & ice! Great work!
By AutumnsGoddess, 12/23/2006 about
i love it very nice piece
"Oh yes, "
By nightsky, 11/24/2006 about
I think your art work is strong and progressing very well, excellent sense for colour and subject.
"It's all good, here..."
By Chantell, 11/22/2006 about
great work. Have a good day.
"Of course I love this!"
By KimLeaman, 11/1/2006 about
I love mermaids!!! I also like the guitar print since I play guitar :)
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28 results
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