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UCEquines: Selling merch in the United Colours of Equines. Any and all profits will be donated to CARE (www.care.org). (Zazzle won't let users set their prices to 0% profit :( ) If you have a request for a specific item, and are serious about buying it, just email prpltnkr @ gmail.com and I'll see if I can make it for you. Zazzle CAN DO HIGH-TOPS! If you want high-tops, let me know via email. WOMEN'S VARIANTS OF ALL DESIGNS COMING SOON!

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"Not able to see anything"
By ColeTheUber, 1/9/2012 about
I was wanting to see your designs, but nothing's appearing except the mousepad. It says "displaying 1-20 of 20," but nothing else appears.
By Chad, 10/30/2011 about
very pretty colors on your products.
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2 results