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In 1963, Ansel Adams and Nancy Newhall were commissioned to produce a book to commemorate the centennial celebration of the University of California campuses and its many research field stations (McGraw Hill, 1967). Our Zazzle.com store currently offers over 100 images from this collection from which high-end reproductions can be purchased. Proceeds help support the museum programs and collections.

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15 results
By D. Vader, 8/15/2011 about
Beautiful B&W Photography!
"Pure Elegance..."
By word1001, 1/4/2011 about
I adore the simple beauty captured in Mr Adams' work.Best wishes to you and the noble cause driving the gallery.
By oldiesbutgoodies, 3/12/2010 about
Very cool stuff! Stop by our store and visit here
"Love it!"
By RenascencePub, 12/10/2009 about
Loved Browsing thru the Gallery! I'm a fan now. You are Welcome to my Store!
By NVCreations, 10/1/2009 about
Ansel's works are inspiring for everyone who love photography.
"Awesome Gallery"
By morris27, 9/3/2009 about
"Very Nice Photos"
By Business_Cards_Plus, 9/3/2009 about
By ginnyl52, 7/11/2009 about
What awesome photography!
By QCBucki, 4/4/2009 about
Ansel drew from God's eyes and hands. He had me as as fan from my first viewing. So glad some people are still "re-discovering"hiis work. His courage was outstanding, and we, as artists should all take something away from his work,.( That's provided the toy security at most museums has fairly low standards.....eh? LOL Thanks for the Art, wit and friends. Am sort of new, and though it hurts a bit,I feel, I welcome constructive suggestions...whenever. Or a simple smile would suffice!!! QCBucki
By LazGurl, 3/19/2009 about
the black and whites are so good, enjoyed all of them, am a fan!! great gallery
By Patirona, 2/25/2009 about
Wow, like your black and white photo's, they are great. I joined your fan club.
By sunsets67, 10/8/2008 about
Nice Gallery
"Nice Photos"
By artberry, 3/22/2008 about
I joined your fan club. I've always been inspired by good B&W photos and particularly Ansel Adams and his Zone System of exposure and tonal control. Actually I have a few of my own B&W photos on Zazzle. :)
By Rainmountain, 8/24/2007 about
I need to come back when I have a bit more time!
By HahpiStuff, 6/27/2007 about
oooooooh, all black and white! I love it! Im joining your fan club so I will know when you publish more stuff!
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