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"Weapon is not a toy"
By luxygmoose, 10/16/2010 about
Hey, great work! When can we expect this product as a shirt again?
By vad_ns, 3/20/2010 about
thanks. i do watercolor textures, than scan it and finish everything "digitally"
"nice work"
By emaculitrags, 2/25/2010 about
you got mad talent bro. what kind of paints do you use?
By vad_ns, 2/20/2010 about
thanks everyone for comments!!! more stuff is coming soon
"love the weapon is not a toy design.. It rocks.."
By lissame73, 2/19/2010 about
"Nice work!!"
By Galapagosurf, 2/16/2010 about
incredible designs! "weapon is not a toy, war is not a game" is my favourite!
By insomniak, 1/4/2010 about
Cool skate decks, think about adding some tees!
By dasempire, 6/30/2009 about
nice. look forward to seeing more
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