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Make your statement with an original W1z111 (say "wizzeee")!
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My W1z111 store is where I share my 'two-cents-worth' and where I can get away with "Just Saying My Piece!" through some of my original graphics and slogans. I'm a middle aged (mid-60s?) male; married, retired from corporate America. Now enjoying online writing, graphic design, slogans, online marketing, networking and more.
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Charlie Hare
Comments (9)
w1z111 commented on w1z111 6/15/2013
"Visitors' Suggestions?"
Greeting, visitors... Hopefully, some will read these comments and see my request for assistance. Looking for ideas to perk up my store-page here at Is there too much here? Too little? Should I create multiple stores? Need a different slant or approach regarding the topics/graphics? I'd appreciate any ideas! Thanks, in advance. w1z111
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w1z111 commented on w1z111 12/19/2011
"Thanks again!"
Thanks to all who acknowledged my TBA selection. Funny thing is that I didn't even know it until quite some time afterwards! My bad...not paying attention! Thanks again, and good luck to all!
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Charlie Hare commented on w1z111 7/25/2011
Thanks for the accolades! I love creating funky stuff, especially colorful, bright, thought-provoking stuff!
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